#011 – Transhumanism

Hey everyone! The Characters page is finally up, go check it out and read you some catgirl lore!:


Would you transfer your personality and memories into a supercomputer? I probably would, at least instead of dying. Of course, then you get those annoying philosophical dilemmas of whether you really died or not… I didn’t go into that yet, at least in this comic.

My real goal, though, is to float through space as a disembodied consciousness ala Asimov’s “The Last Question”. I think that would be pretty baller.

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  • Damn, that’s actually a really interesting comic you got going on here!
    And yeah, I’d personally volunteer to do that.
    I mean, the possibilities are endless! I could be a catgirl in a universe of SW!
    The problem would probably be what I would do if I wanted to play a game i’ve never played or bought before, seeing as I’ve got no idea of what it looks like or functions like. This comment is too long.

    • just long enough imo.

      • Then there’s how parameters outside your control work, if you have to think about ever detail or if it’s generated based on some established universe, if something acts as GM, etc.
        So many questions! Sorry for reply.

  • Best argument for transhumanism ever. All the high-falutin’ Elon Musk types are just creepy. Eternal catgirls though? I’m in.

  • tbh I’d be very down.

    How does she enter or leave that hammock tho?

  • I’d transfer my consciousness into a computer, as long as i can still interact with people i love, you know? I couldn’t leave my girlfriend lol.

  • I’m very interested in Transhumanism. Also, it’s nice to see more of the characters. I would definitely transfer my consciousness. There is the Schrödinger’s Cat paradox of me both being alive and dead at the same time, if my theory of brain uploading is correct. This episode has made me more interested in Zoltan Istvan and the Transhumanist Party too. Yes, it actually exists, though lots of people haven’t heard of it.

  • I would take the offer in a heartbeat!

  • I wouldn’t sign up for the first place. I’d wait till, say, at least ten people have been in there for three months and it seems to be going OK. 😛

  • This reminds me of my brief transhumanist phase, before I realized how much of a cult that camp is. This comic reaffirms that feeling. The proper response to finding a suicidal person is not to try to recruit them for your cause, but to get them help, by force if necessary

  • My personality is shit and so are my memories so I’d rather die tbh.

  • complaint re: “In her spare time, she enjoys contributing to the Linux shell” – “the Linux shell” isn’t a thing as far as I know. You might mean bash or zsh, or I guess it’s possible you meant the Linux kernel.

  • I like the glimpse into a catgirl’s home life! Especially Transhumanism-cat. She’s got a sweet place.
    I wonder if we’ll ever see computerised-cat again, though?

  • My general concern is weather or not my consciousness remains intact during the transition. That’s me you know. Stellar as usual fam.

  • Where can I get a copy of that booty.zip? Asking for a friend.

  • If it were me who saw the ad, the conversation probably would’ve gone in a completely different manner. “Wait, you say you’re probably going to kill yourself. So you’re not certain of this, then. What if you don’t kill yourself? Now you no longer have your cables and you weren’t compensated for them. You would have to purchase more. And now that I think about it, what were you using them for in the first place that you require a quarter mile of them to sustain your daily lifestyle?”

    Yeah, I’d probably be the last person a suicidal person would want to talk to.

  • Why does the fascist cat have to be German? Why does she have to have a German name? WHY IS EVERYTHING MY COUNTRY EVER GETS ASSOCIATED WITH HITLER AND FASCISM?

    There is more to Germany than Hitler! Seriously, just… WHY

  • For the other characters, nationality is just mentioned in one secondary sentence. ONLY for the fascist cat it has to be mentioned in every second sentence that she is German, as if this is somehow an integral part of fascism…
    (Fascism actually originated in ITALY not Germany!)
    Also there are far more fascists in America than in Germany… Make her American or Italian!

    • Well, the catgirls are based on popular representation of ideologies (nihilism is dreary, transhumanism is nerdy, etc.) and Fascism is usually imagined in it’s German form than Italian one, so that’s probably the reason why.

  • aspoon: Having one’s will to live tied to an ideology is not particularly healthy. The prospect of spending eternal robo-life trapped in such a miserable state is frankly horrifying

    I wouldn’t really care about this if it weren’t for some transhumanists tricking vulnerable people out of their money. “Donate $500 to MIRI now or Roko’s Basilisk will torture you for all eternity!”

    I feel a rant coming on, so I’m going to stop. I’ll just say that this and many other reasons are why I tend to label myself a cishumanist

    • But how is it a miserable state? You can live in your own universe, bound by your own laws, do and live as you truly want!
      And she’s not tricking people out of their money. I’m fairly certain she’s doing this for free.
      Not that I’m not actually a transhumanist, because it’s HIGHLY unlikely that I will ever even have the chance of being in robo-paradise. Perhaps in a distant future, some may be able to do so, but it sure as hell won’t be me. Unless I’m that lucky, I guess.

      • Well, consider this: if brain-uploading were possible then wouldn’t it also copy your mental illnesses? Being suicidal and having that mental state crystallized, potentially until the heat death of the universe, is pretty scary. You’d need some kind of uploaded-brain-psychologist poking around in there, which of course raises further questions

  • Is there any way to get notifications or reminders when this updates?
    I love it.

  • Probably wouldn’t transfer consciousness because in spite of it feeling real, it wouldn’t be real. As much a pain as they are, flesh and blood humans are too fascinating and fun to reject for an isolated existence. Plus, maybe reincarnation is true and genetic engineering happens to make catgirls a real thing.

  • can you really take this character any further than this comic strip

  • I love this strip so much! Would be great to see some fat characters who aren’t ideologically evil or suicidal, though.

  • I love this strip so much! Would be great to see some fat characters who aren’t ideologically evil or suicidal, though.

  • Holy shit, is that a King Crimson album?

  • Absolutely love it! But then I might be being biased ;-).

    I’ve added you to HPlus Pedia, you can check the page out here:


  • I nearly shat a brick when I saw Twilight Sparkle was one of the waifus.

  • I would not because while I like the idea of having robot parts to give special ability’s, and cure disease and sickness the physical part of transhumanism, However I do not like the idea of being inside a computer because in this case it gives no challenges and is creepy however being inside a embedded computer in order to be inside a robot still sounds appealing. but as a self taught programmer and robotist (electrical/mechanical engineer) I love this comic.

  • You know, I’d offload my consciousness, but then I’d have to install an LTE modem in the now-vacant headspace. It’s plausible that gigabit LTE will have enough bandwidth to be fully telepresent. One high-quality body should buy me enough time to start digesting OpenCourseware in faster-than-realtime simulations, and get started with building more high-quality telepresence bodies for when my old one wears out.

    There’s more to uploading than cyber-solipsism! For me, the most compelling feature is redundancy, failover, and offsite backup. (Yes – that’s just one feature.) Keeping your thinky meats where they can get hit by a bus is inherently risky. We should try to do something about that.

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