#009 – “Cat Boy”

Guys! I met a /pol/ person in real life, randomly, in the wild! He was my dad’s coworker’s son. I immediately knew that I had to put him in the comic, so he is now the first cat boy, because there has been a high demand! I’ll add some cuter ones later.

This is actually ALMOST the exact word-for-word conversation I had with him, so no one can accuse me of strawmanning this time. Also, he was a Canadian immigrant! I couldn’t really see where he was coming from and why Nationalists think the way they do….

(Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I originally made him an MRA in the Patreon editon of the comic but I decided against it, I have another character in mind for that….)

EDIT: Woops, I forgot the fourth panel, wow…. sorry guys. I’m out of it lately apparently.

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