#008 – “Letters to Alunya”


Hey everyone!!!!!

It’s nice to be back making these comics again! I’m seriously excited to start updating it on a regular schedule now. I’m sorry for my hiatus back in September! 🙁 My two employers wanted more artwork from me than expected, so I wasn’t able to continue it until now.

But hey! Now we’re back and even better, because now I’ll be publishing new comics twice a month, on the 1st and 15th! Of course, some pages still need to be updated, but I’ll get to them in the next few days now that I have time to work on this. Everything should be a lot smoother now that I’ve switched to WP.

Don’t forget to check out the new Prologue comic as well: http://politicalideologycatgirls.com/comic/prologue/

Feel free to drop by the Patreon and drop me a dollar or three so I can keep working on the comic and not have to take any contract work. If you donate three whole Trumpland Funbux a month, I’ll let you see the next comic, which will be posted on this website on the 15th! Then on the 15th you’ll get to see the comic for March 1st, and so on and so on. But all the comics will always be free to everyone forever, of course.

Thanks again for reading!!


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