#005 – Special Snowflakes

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  • I remember a while back I was trying to figure out what Hoxaism was and the best I could come up with was “Socialism + Bunkers”. I’m glad to see I wasn’t too far off…

  • That last panel is so meta.

  • Two things:
    Why is Bakunin the favourite author of anarchism? I can’t remember the last time I saw a comrade who said that Bakunin was the most important author for anarchists. If you ask me, Kropotkin should replace him. Nearly all anarchists are anarcho-communists and therefor prefer Kropotkin over Bakunin.

    And why is it wrong to have lots of internal pluralism?
    Most of them would, unlike those authorian leftist that every other form of leftism but theirs, work with those of other ideologies of anarchism together. An collectivist, an mutualist and an communist anarchist would all fight together in an revolution

  • Anarchism-Hoxhaism is the cutest and most fun character of the series. She makes me want to visit Albania.

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