#003 – Meme Cannon

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  • What is the argument here? “It’s okay to beat up porkie because he’s an oppressor >:(” Is he not a human too? Soon, perhaps, some people will begin to realize truth.

  • Woo, EVERYONE is stupid. And no one political ideology is a solution.

  • Who is the third character between Fascism and Alt-Right when the panel pans out?

    • It looks a lot like Neo-Liberalism (hairstyle, coat, scarf, etc) but it doesn’t line up with her speech color (purple in 010 or pink in character blurb or dark blue in 002)

      • Thanks, now that I’ve checked the Characters page, Neo Liberalism is listed as having made three appearances so far which means this is the one in the middle of her first and most recent appearances.

  • (alt right genocide memes)-“its just a meme ya cuck! typical triggered libtard lol”
    (antifa reversal of those memes)-“all leftists are violent terrorists!”

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